Aurorafruit Breeding is researching and developing new varieties of berries under different climate conditions to find best varieties suited for each growing area.
Based in the North of Italy we benefit from two different breeding areas.

  • Baselga di Pinè, which have a very similar climate to Northern Europe main growing regions of berries;
  • Verona with it’s warm and sultry summer which allows us to research varieties resistant to warmer climates.

Moreover, we cooperate with our international partners for specific growing areas or techniques.

Our aim is to develop new varieties of berries to meet the need of each link in the supply chain, from the nursery to the grower, to retailers and final consumers.

To reach our goals:

  • Thousands of seeds are sowed every year
  • Hundred of thousands of data are taken every season and processed in our system
  • Kilometers are walked up and down our breeding fields
  • Panel tests in our group and independent consumers
  • And much more…

Our roots are in fruit growing farms, where Aurorafruit founding growers are involved in the commercial growing of newest Aurora advanced selections already at a very early stage.
Promising varieties are also tested through retailers to validate them before releasing them abroad with our selected and trusted partners.

Everything starts with clean and healthy starting material preserved and multiplied in vivo in insect proof screenhouses and in vitro in our state of the art Tissue Culture laboratory.
Aurorafruit Breeding is cooperating internationally with best nurseries to ensure high quality plant material and fulfil the growing demand of Aurora varieties.